If we want to live we have no choice but to learn to live together cherishing a New Culture of Unity and Peace which can ensure that genocides or killings such as those that happened in Rwanda and Bosnia do not reappear again anywhere in the world in any form. Our strategy includes, enabling people, through witness programs, to love and live it with pleasure, out of pleasure for their own pleasure and for the pleasure of the whole world.


It was indeed packed with inspirational speeches as well as with quality music, dance and drama presentations from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. It all happened on Saturday 8th July 2006 Morning to Evening at Nsambya Sports Field with Hon Rukia Nakadama the State Minister for Gender, Labour and Social Development as Guest of Honor. Click here to read more...


UNDUGU FAMILY Culture Association (UFCA) is a movement that works towards an alternative culture of peace, inclusive familyhood (Undugu) and prosperity based on the believe that unity is life, division is death and that all people are sons and daughters of God who is our common Parent (Father/Mother of us all). As brothers and sisters in this Family of God, each person, man or woman, we believe, shares equal dignity, opportunity and responsibility. This culture of peace is to be achieved through the mediation of music, dance, drama, sports, games, income generating activities, seminars, awareness programs, informal education and, especially, by way of encouraging neighbors to get involved in a dialogue of life by either singing, dancing, dramatizing, playing, working and solving their social and economic problems in their neighborhood but together as brothers and sisters even when they happen to come from different ethnic groups or religions.

The world is one family and all people are our brothers and sisters.

"Spreading life, joy and peace to all, regardless of religion, tribe or race" - Sunday Magazine - New Vision (27/08/2006)

"Sister and brother are the only salutations that are upheld in the Undugu Family. Irrespective of social position, all members are the same family and see each other as equals" - Sunday Magazine - New Vision (27/08/2006)


With the genocide in Rwanda and religious tension brewing in his native Tanzania, a young priest (Fr. Steve Msele) conceived the vision of a universal brotherhood. Thus the Undugu Family was born" - Sunday Magazine - New Vision (27/08/2006)


The Guest of Honour, Hon. Rukia Nakadama, the State Minister for Gender. Labour and Social Development with the Undugu Family General Animator, Fr. Steve Msele at the 10th Anniversary Celebrations.

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