The general objective of the Undugu Family is "to advocate for an alternative culture of peace, an all-inclusive familyhood and a healthy, prosperous society based on equality between men and women of all walks of life."
A Uganda Undugu Family member flanked by Undugu Family Tanzania women at the Gaba Beach evaluation meeting/party.
Undugu Family Kenya (Kibera branch) at the foreground during the Gaba meeting

1. To break down the walls of prejudice and hatred that divide our society along ethnic or religious lines through awareness programs, informal education and by way of learning to sing, dance, play, work and to solve our problems but together as brothers and sisters even when we happen to come from different ethnic or religious groups.

2. To initiate, develop and maintain an outreach program to enable the human family become conscious of its identity, its common origin, destiny and nature as brothers and sisters in an all-inclusive Family of God who is our common Parent: our Father and Mother.

3. To mediate any form of discrimination against women, children, particular ethnic or religious groups through music, dance and drama and the like, so as to give room to the perpetrators to change their attitude and ways of relating to these groups.

4. To establish and maintain branches of the Family in different parts of Uganda.

5. To work towards a healthy human family by enabling people face together and fraternally the challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in their neighborhoods.

6. To join hands, whenever possible, with other National or International associations that work towards a culture of peace and inclusive familyhood based on fraternal and mutual respect between tribes, nations, races, religions as well as on equality between men and women.